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Our story

In the spring of 2009, a woman came to a pharmacy in Nazareth for an advice on how to use a drug.


During her conversation, she mentioned to the pharmacist, Violette Khoury, that she is still practicing the traditional “Stitch work” or Needle work, commonly known as “TEIB” , considering herself the last lady to master this fine heritage art, then after her it will be extinct... “Oh,No” the pharmacist exclaimed , “if a building is demolished we can rebuild a more beautiful one while losing a heritage is an irreversible extinction, a loss forever “.
She realized that heritage a precious common gift, a factor that captures the various categories of the society and is deeply rooted in everyone. It could be used as a link between Individuals providing an opportunity to meet as humans away from any prejudice and controversy that threaten the social fabric.
That was the initiative of a Palestinian heritage center to restore the ,so much needed,Harmony of the social structure.

About us 

Nasijona-Nazareth, is a registered nonprofit organization established at the end of 2014 by a group of men and women concerned about the safety of the Palestinian Arab community, the integrity of their social structure and their identity.
Nasijona center opened in 2015 as a meeting place to the community in all its diversity.
We strive to save and revive the local Palestinian heritage including the traditional handcrafts,the traditional arts and folklore, the culture ,the memory ,the history and pass them to the next generations.
Nasijona coordinates training courses and workshops in various traditional artistic handicrafts including the stitch work “Teib” , shuttle work known as “Oya Mekik”, Palestinian embroidery, and others such as Hook (Crochet), sewing, knitting,beading,Crafting ,Brazilian embroidery, straw knitting handicrafts and computer for elderly and beginners.
In addition Nasijona provides courses in Arabic Calligraphy, and courses in the methodologies for documentation of the oral history and the memory, and courses on
photographic documentation as well.
At Nasijona center we coordinate various cultural events that include literature, poetry, arts, history,theater,film screenings and tours.
We also welcome visitors and host local and international groups and schoolers.
Our guests can also attend a lecture or a workshop according to their choice.
Every year we organize summer camps for children and adolescents to promote awareness,affiliation ,human relations and bridge the generation gap.
Nasijona center is a home for everyone, a place for a cohesive and a harmonious society.

Our Vision:

We seek to promote awareness among the Palestinian Arab community, striving for a productive,cohesive and harmonious society as a solid base for
for peace.



Our Goals:
  1. Preserving and developing our local heritage and to pass it to the next generations.
  2. Empowering women and enhancing their economic,social and cultural status
  3. Encouraging local production and contributing to the development of a productive local community.
  4. Educating the younger generations about their history ,their culture and heritage.
  5. Coordinating cultural ,artistic and social events that have an impact on restoring social harmony to the local community.