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Oral History Workshop

Oral history is “a research method which studies the past through the spoken by word held in the memory and travels by word” (from: Dr. Adel Yahya, “The Palestinian Refugees 1949-1998”).

Today we are working to preserve the oral narrative especially under the circumstances of our lives, in which the importance of documentation and archiving has become a synonym for preserving our identity and passing it to the coming generations.
This workshop that we offer here at Nasijona, offers both the theoretical and the practical sides to oral history as it trains its participants to document and archive, with an emphasis on oral history and its importance. Active participation is very important in this workshop.
This is not an academic workshop but aims to equip its participants to preserve cultural heritage through the documentation of oral history in each home and family. 
The workshop is open for all generations, only in group forms. The dates are coordinated with the teacher depending on the participants.